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Why many SMBs fail to constantly acquire new clients

Focus on business network only
No doubt that the business (or personal) network of a company's employees is a great way to acquire new clients. However, every network is limited in size. If companies really want to grow, they need to do active sales outreach.
No expert sales knowhow in-house
Building up a functioning sales team requires time and resources. Therefore, many companies simply do not have expert sales knowledge in-house. However, this is crucial to achieve efficient B2B growth rates.
No usage of social selling potential
Companies still rely on cost-intensive and inefficient offline sales channels only, while overlooking the potential of social selling. Acquiring leads through digital platforms like LinkedIn is part of every successful sales strategy nowadays.

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BEB Real Invest

About us

Fabian Essrich
Managing Partner
Steffen Obert
Managing Partner

Sales experts with proven track record to generate leads

The fact that you are reading this paragraph should actually already give you a feeling that our lead generation process works. :-) But nonetheless, we want to share some background about us.

About Fabian
Fabian's sales career started at Google when he was selling Google's product portfolio to various large corporations across Europe. During that time he gained in-depth sales knowledge and benefited from some of the world's best sales coaches. Prior to Google, he was a Management Consultant where he learned what it means to deliver professional services to clients.

About Steffen
Steffen learned B2B sales when working as a manager in a leading global management consulting firm. Simultaneously to leading client projects, he was building up and managing his network to acquire Top Tier clients for his employer.

Today, we have partnered to support SMBs in their lead generation and sales process by passing on what we have learned in our previous jobs and various sales coachings we took ourselves. Living in a digital world, we are focusing on social B2B selling which has already proven to be both successful and efficient for many companies in the European market.

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